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We at Jim Steel and Metal Fabricators Ltd, with over 43 years of experience in the Steel Fabrication industry and thousands of completed projects in Uganda and across the African continent are pleased to introduce EcoFrame into the market.

EcoFrame is the most innovative, light gauge steel framing (LGSF) building solution available and enables lower construction costs, faster construction times and higher quality finishes than traditional construction systems.

Our EcoFrame LGSF system not only caters for Roof trusses, but also floor joists and side wall frames.

We have invested in state-of-the-art software and automated machinery to ensure that our EcoFrame LGSF products are always of the highest quality and precision engineered to ensure the perfect fit and finish on site.

Proven Technology (Background of LGSF)

LGSF construction developed from traditional timber-frame methods that have been used around the world for centuries. Since the 1970s, LSGF technology has been used extensively in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the United States.

LGSF structures consist of structural wall frames, floor joists and roof trusses, manufactured with coldformed steel sections it offers quality, cost and energy efficiency, as well as speed of erection for both residential and commercial buildings.

The LGSF concept has proven itself for over half a century and is currently the fastest growing building technique in the world.


  • EcoFrame enables lower construction costs, faster constructions times and higher quality finishes.
  • The EcoFrame LGSF system not only offers Trusses, but the full range of frames including Floor Joists, Side Wall Frames and various types of Roof Trusses.
  • We have a State of the art fully automated design to production system. Components are pre-cut, prepunched & pre-marked. No additional work required at sites.
  • EcoFrame components are virtually maintenance free thanks to being manufactured out of high quality high tensile zinc coated (galvanized) steel, plus an additional Thin Organic Coating (T.O.C.) surface protection layer.
  • EcoFrame components are durable. They will not shrink, rot or twist due to moisture and are not susceptible to rodent and insect damage.
  • EcoFrame components are non-combustible and increase the fire resistance of the structure
  • The High strength-to-weight ratio keeps the overall weight less than 50% of that of conventional structures. The light weight design means reduced foundation requirements and also makes a perfect solution to retro fit existing structures.
  • EcoFrame promotes sustainability and helps preserve our environment for the future by decreasing the consumption of wood and steel.
Additional Practical Advanatges
  • EcoFrame components are easy to stack, load & transport.
  • All profile components can be assembled by Semi-Skilled labour force.
  • Light weight components eliminates the need for heavy lifting equipment like cranes.